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Dear teachers and students,

This digital e-learning tool was prepared according to the requirements of the Official Lebanese Curriculum for Baccalaureate II LS official exams.

The review lessons provide the prerequisite information to enable the student understand Baccalaureate II LS lessons well and achieve mastery without any intervention.

This material is also designed to be used by teachers in order to help students acquire 21st century skills along with knowledge.

Students can access "Learnit" anywhere using just about any device connected to the internet.

Teachers and students who used our platform last academic year reported a remarkable improvement in their achievement level. 

The material provided on this platform consists of three components:

  • Review lessons include interactive exercises that provide immediate feedback and explanations.
  • Chapter exercises that are designed to help students experience the way official exams questions are presented.
  • Four trial exams that come along with an on line timer and must be solved with paper and pencil and calculator simulating the official exams environment. These trial exams also come with complete detailed answer sheets that will help students identify their errors and learn valuable lessons hands on.

All this makes our platform a unique learning tool that provides diagnostics and remedial learning opportunities putting the teacher and the students in a proactive environment resulting in mastery of the lessons and improvement in achievement.

Welcome to the new enhanced learning systems provided by NEEDS SARL and Ataya Consulting Services.

License: propietary license